Quality Assurance Institution in the University of Darussalam Gontor is an Office in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation (monev) for all activities’ quality at the University of Darussalam Gontor. There are two main tasks in Quality Assurance activities at UNIDA Gontor, the main quality documents and guidelines for quality assurance in the University designed by the Quality Assurance Office, while the quality assurance activities in all ‘work units’ are implemented by Quality Assurance Units (Unit Penjaminan Mutu) and Quality Groups (Gugus Mutu).

The distinctiveness of UNIDA Gontor is in accordance with socio-cultural circumstances (kepondokmodernan) and the Islamic boarding system (kepesantrenan). Base on that, in this regard, there are 6 Distinctive/Unique Quality Standards in UNIDA Gontor, which are:

  1. The Standards of the Identity and Work Units
  2. The Standards of the Islamization of Science
  3. The Standards of the Socio-Cultural and Boarding System (Kepondokmodernan / Kepesantrenan)
  4. The Standards of the Students and Alumni
  5. The Standards of the Cooperation
  6. The Standards of Information and Communication Technology


For more information: http://qa.unida.gontor.ac.id/